3rd International IWA Conference on Water Economics, Statistics and Finance

24-26 April 2013
Marbella, Spain

Website: http://iceam2013.es/

Important dates
Deadline for sending the abstracts: 15 September 2012 extended to 5 October 2012
Deadline to send answer from the Scientific Committee: 10 November 2012
Deadline for sending the papers of the accepted abstracts: 15 January 2013
Deadline for communicating changes: 15 February 2013
Early registration: 15 December 2012
Hotel reservation: 15 March 2013

The International Conference is aimed at providing specialist interested in economics, statistics, and financing of water and sanitation with the opportunity of getting together and constituting a forum to debate on how utilities are financed, their various water tariff structures, national and regional water industry statistics, water facts, water consumption and charging figures.
Also, it will be a great opportunity for the participants to share information and experience on both fundamental and practical issues about current pricing and funding practices to be considered by and economic and responsible behavior of water utilities. To this aim, the conference on “Water Economics, Statistics, and Finance” will focus on the following topics:
Economic regulation of water pricing
Water policy and use sustainability
Optimal water resources management
Climatic change and water resources
Hydrological variability
Transferring water between uses
Water for irrigation in agriculture
Demand and supply of water for urban uses
Economic policy instruments for water management
The social value of water
Water tariff structures and pricing
Valuing non market benefits of improved water quality
Water for industrial purposes
Public-private partnerships
Efficiency in water and wastewater management
Full cost recovery case studies
Financing water supply and sanitation
Feasibility studies for water projects
Privatization of water utilities
Economics of water pollution
Economics of ground water management
Data collection methods for water and sanitation
Water-wastewater services finance
Measurement of efficiency performance in water uses
Contact: Conference Secretariat
Email: info@iceam2013.es