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Draft Montreal Declaration for Cities of the Future (pdf 201 KB)

Water and Energy Framework and Footprints for Sustainable Communities (977 KB)

Spatial Planning & Institutional Reform Group Montreal Discussion Paper (534 KB)


Coming Events

5th IWA Cities of the Future Conference - Sydney, Australia, 9 - 11 Feb-15

Cities of the Future – Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow "TRUST" - Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
28-Apr-15 - 30-Apr-15



For more information about the IWA Cities of the Future programme, please contact Corinne Trommsdorff at

Cities of the Future


The IWA Cities of the Future programme focuses on water security for the world’s cities and how the design of cities – and the water management, treatment and delivery systems that serve them – could be harmonised and re-engineered to minimise the use of scarce natural resources and increase the coverage of water and sanitation in lower and middle income countries.

As an international leader in the water sector, IWA has the responsibility and the ability to help cities, utilities and the consulting and research community to work together to create robust and resilient responses to these imminent changes. However, the responses that appear to be most appropriate will require new kinds of partnerships, new relationships, and a new sense of the interconnectivity between the sectors, the people, and the ecosystems that support them.

The overall goal of the Cities of the Future Programme is to establish IWA (and its members) as an international authority and reference centre for all the water-related teamwork between all the different actors involved to foster the adequate response to the challenges ahead.

To know more about the next IWA Cities of the Future event please visit this page.