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12th IWA international conference on wetland systems for water pollution control

4-7 October 2010
Venice, Italy

Call for papers

Website: www.wetland2010.org

Submission of abstracts: 31 January 2010
Notification of acceptance: 30 April 2010
Submission of full papers: 30 June 2010

Constructed wetlands (CWs) have been adopted by many Italian communities as a cost-effective mean of secondary and tertiary wastewater treatment, in order to meet more stringent standards and to lower operating costs. Some small systems have now been in existence for nearly 15 years, while wetland treatment systems for larger towns and small cities have become a more recent trend. Since 1999 CWs have been “officially” recognized as a treatment technology.

More than 1000 CW systems are operative at the moment in the country. Following several positive experiences with municipal and domestic wastewater treatment, there is now an increasing number of projects and realisations of CWs for diffuse pollution, like as agricultural runoff, highway and urban runoff (SUDs, CSOs,..), for industrial applications (wineries, landfill leachates, animal breeding,..) and finally for “Ecosan” related facilities (wastewater segregation, reuse,…).

The IWA Specialist Group on the Use of Macrophytes in Water Pollution Controlp sets out to:

Act as a link between scientists working on the scientific and technical aspects of macrophyte usage in wetland systems (Constructed Wetlands, Reed Beds, Treatment Wetlands and converted natural wetlands) for water pollution control and resource recovery
Contribute to co-ordinating research activities, defining research needs and promoting exchange of results
Develop a commonly-accepted model on the functioning of macrophyte-based wastewater treatment systems and produce guidelines
Establish standardised guidelines for reporting performance of macrophyte-based wastewater treatment systems.

Proposed Themes:

  • Process Dynamics
  • Landscaping
  • Case studies
  • Design criteria and Operation policies
  • Treatment Performances of Wetlands in Water Pollution Control
  • Economics
  • Application of CWs for Water Reuse, Ecosanitation, Sustainable Water Management
  • Environmental Issues
  • CWs components

Contact: Secretariat
Tel: +39 055 470 729
E-mail: info@wetland2010.org
Website: www.wetland2010.org