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Joint IWA/IAHR SG on Marine Outfall Systems



Worldwide, the use of outfalls is increasing rapidly. Submerged multiport diffusers are gaining increased acceptance as effective means for the disposal of treated municipal or industrial wastewater, stormwater and combined sewer overflows, cooling water, and brine effluents from desalination plants into coastal waters and estuaries. Although the science and technology for the design and construction of such installations has advanced significantly, major questions remain, especially related to measurements and predictions of the impacts on the environment, hydraulic design and structural protection, and understanding of long-term effects in order to achieve sustainable solutions to wastewater management in coastal regions.


The main objectives of the Committee are to advance the science and technology of all aspects of coastal wastewater discharges from outfalls and their design, and to facilitate communication between the diverse groups of practitioners in the field. The Committee recognizes the considerable potential for integrated systems of wastewater treatment and disposal that consider the response of the receiving waters and their natural assimilative capacity. The design and siting of submarine outfalls is a complex task that relies on many disciplines including oceanography, civil and environmental engineering, marine biology, construction, economics, and public relations. These diverse disciplines are rarely brought together in a single group and the strength of the Joint Committee would be the linkage of the expertise of IWA, which is more oriented towards wastewater treatment and water quality issues (e.g. bacteria modeling, nutrient transformation, algae growth, sedimentation and flocculation processes), with the expertise of IAHR, which is more oriented towards hydraulics and fluid mechanics (e.g. jets and plumes, stratified flows, coastal flows, mixing and transport processes, physical and numerical modeling, wave forcing, pipe scouring, internal manifold hydraulics).

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The group conference: International Symposium on Outfall Systems was successfully held on 15-18 May 2011 in Mar del Plata, Argentina.