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NEW! Release of the first public beta trial of the AWARE-P infrastructure asset management (IAM) planning software (download here for the walkthrough). Please Go to to find out more, or go directly to the Aware-P IAM application page to learn more and try it.   

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Strategic Asset Management

Internationally, the water industry has come to recognise the value of sound asset management practice in delivering cost effective services to customers. It is driving to improve performance and deliver savings to shareholders, both public and private. With this recognition, has come the identification of a need for those involved in asset management (be it government decision makers, utility staff, consultants) to be able to share information and knowledge of asset management with other practitioners. The group is open to any IWA member, and would cover any aspect of water and wastewater utility asset management, of interest to the group members.

In the following two years we expect to keep promoting and disseminating leading-edge approaches to SAM, to strengthen the activity in developing regions, to leverage the participation of the young water professionals in the Group and to consolidate an IWA vision, key principles and best practices of infrastructure asset management.

The biannual Leading-Edge Strategic Asset Management Conferences (LESAMs) are a key pillar of SAM SG´s activity. The 5th edition of these Conferences, LESAM 2013, was held on 10-12 September 2013 in Sydney, Australia. Yokohama is the destination for LESAM 2015.

In SAM´s latest newsletter, Paul Freeman, Chair of the Conference Organising Committee, has provided a very interesting overview of this conference.

“… I was fortunate to be able to attend the first LESAM in 2005 in San Francisco. Comparing this event to LESAM 2013 is like mapping our collective journey in asset management. The core attributes of collaboration, sharing knowledge and driving innovation are still present, however the conversation has become more sophisticated and has a greater focus on service and customers, than just the pipes and pumps…”

Other objectives of the group are to increase the participation from non-European countries, of young water professionals and of developing regions. The SAM Group has an active Twitter account (!/IWA_SAM) to enhance and reinforce its dissemination activities.  

The group is open to any IWA member, and can consider covering any aspect of water and wastewater utility asset management, of interest to the group members.


The water sector in Portugal has had a major evolution in the last two decades, worth knowing better.  Your must-not-miss professional activities start on Sunday morning, with our Pre-Congress Forum “Infrastructure asset management in the water sector”.  In the morning, this Forum will present a number of case studies to stimulate discussion of some of the contemporary issues facing infrastructure asset management. The afternoon will be dedicated to the role of the ISO Standards 55000 in the Water Sector.  Please have a look at the guide in the end, or visit This event is free for Congress Delegates. But if you are only interested in the IAM Forum you can also register separately. The registration form can be found here.

To save you time, we prepared a suggested virtual program of the Congress, where the most relevant events related to asset management are identified.

We would also like to invite you to participate in the plenary meeting of the SAM SG, on Wednesday 24 sept., 3:30 – 5:00 pm, Room 0.06 (Lisbon Convention Centre). The agenda is included in the guide. Download it here.


The group has been pretty active in 2013 with 8 keynotes delivered by Dr. Helena Alegre, chair of the group, 2 newsletters with the latest on IAM, the organization of two conferences (,

and a Junior Scientist Workshop (, just to mention a few… Much more is expected for 2014, with a vigorous participation in the IWA World Water Congress!

Latest News…

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