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Dr Kara Nelson

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Wastewater Pond Technology

The IAWQ Conference on Waste Stabilization Ponds held in Lisbon in June 1987 provided the impetus to establish this Specialist Group. It promotes waste stabilization ponds (WSP) for wastewater treatment in both industrialised and developing countries; co-ordinates studies on performance of full-scale and pilot-scale waste stabilization ponds; develops internationally agreed methodology for pond performance monitoring and performance evaluation; identifies research needs for development of pond systems for domestic, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment; and develops international technology transfer mechanisms related to ponds. Any member of IWA is very welcome to join the Waste Stabilization Ponds Specialist Group.

Our Specialist Group organises a biannual international conference, which has been recognised as the most important forum for wastewater professionals working on WSP technology. Up to now, eight international conferences have been successfully organised around the globe including those held in Portugal, USA, Brazil, Morocco, New Zealand, France and Thailand. The 8th IWA Specialist Group Conference on Waste Stabilization Ponds (2009) was held in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where 120 delegates from 22 different countries gathered together to share outcomes from research works and study cases. Power point presentations can be downloaded here. In the last Specialist Group meeting, new chair (Marcos von Sperling) and secretary (Kara Nelson) were elected for a mandate of four years until 2013.

The last group conference on Stabilization Ponds -  was held in Adelaide, Australia, 01-03 August 2011. Please visit the conference website for more information (

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