The IWA Asia Pacific Region Grouping (IWA-ASPIRE)

The IWA Asia Pacific Region Grouping (IWA-ASPIRE) was formed by the merger of the Asia Pacific Group of the International Water Services Association (IWSA) and Asian Waterqual Group of the International Association on Water Quality (IAWQ) to advance the education of IWA's Asia Pacific members in the science and practice of water management; and to encourage communication between members within the region.

The ASPIRE Group comprises of IWA Governing Members of the Asia Pacific Region, which currently includes Australia, the People's Republic of China, Chinese Taiwan, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Korea, Macau SAR, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pacific ISlands, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Every two years, the ASPIRE Group organizes the IWA-ASPIRE Conference and Exhibition as a platform for sharing and networking for water professionals in the region. Three ASPIRE Conferences have been held to date - Singapore in 2005, Perth in 2007 and Taipei in 2009. The 4th ASPIRE Conference will be hosted by Tokyo, Japan in 2011 and the 5th ASPIRE Conference by Daejeon, Korea in 2013.

Chairmanship of the ASPIRE Council is rotated every two years and assigned to the next host of the IWA-ASPIRE Conference and Exhibition. The current co-Chairs of the Council are Professor Shinichiro Ohgaki of the National Institute for Environmental Studies and Masaru Ozaki of the Nureau of Waterworks, Metropolitan Government of Tokyo. The ASPIRE Council is supported by the IWA East Asia and Pacific and China Offices.

Upcoming events

The following is the current list of IWA events (except Specialty Conferences) that will be taking place in the region in 2013 and beyond:

16th International Conference on Diffuse Pollution and Eutrophication - Beijing, China
18-Aug-13 - 23-Aug-13

5th IWA-ASPIRE Conference and Exhibition - Daejeon, Korea
8-Sep-13 - 12-Sep-13

LESAM 2013 - IWA Leading-Edge Strategic Asset Management - Sydney, Australia
10-Sep-13 - 12-Sep-13

10th IWA Symposium on Off-Flavours in the Aquatic Environment - Tainan, Chinese Taiwan
27-Oct-13 - 1-Nov-13

11th Small Water & Wastewater Systems and Sludge Management - Harbin, China
28-Oct-13 - 30-Oct-13

Metals in Water  - Health Protection and Sustainability Through Technical Innovation - Shanghai, China
6-Nov-13 - 9-Nov-13

IWA Pretreatment of Water and Wastewater - Shanghai, China
18-May-14 - 21-May-14

SIWW Water Convention 2014 - Singapore
1-Jun-14 - 5-Jun-14

13th International Conference on Urban Drainage - Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo
7-Sep-14 - 11-Sep-14

For more information on events and programmes in the region, please contact Gladys Ng