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8th International Conference on Water Reclamation & Reuse: “A Dependable Water Resource Under the Uncertainties of Climate Change”

26-29 September 2011
Barcelona, Spain

Website: www.waterbcn2011.org

Submission of 2-page outline paper: Extended to 15 December 2010 
Notification of acceptance: 31 January 2011
Submission of full papers: 1 June 2011

From efficiency to self-sufficiency. In many water stressed areas, traditional measures for increasing water efficiency (water conservation) have gradually evolved towards measures to ensure water self-sufficiency. The case of Barcelona, in Catalonia, will serve to illustrate this concept during the Conference.

For the last 20 years Spain has made a major effort in developing water and wastewater infrastructures. About 90% of Spanish municipal wastewater is treated to European Directive’s standards; this has stimulated the gradual emergence of numerous water reclamation and reuse projects that account for about the 13% of treated effluent flows. From the regulatory standpoint, Spain has led development and implementation of water reclamation and reuse regulations at regional and national level, leading to approval of Royal Decree 1620/2007. A significant growth of water reclamation and reuse projects is expected in the Mediterranean region during the coming years and Spain is expected to be a leader in those efforts.

Catalonia, located in the North East of Spain and south of the French border, is a water stressed region with numerous emblematic projects for promoting water efficiency. The city of Barcelona has been facing recurrent episodes of severe water droughts during the last decades, bringing water efficiency practices (water demand control, reclaimed water supply) to a very high priority in both the political agenda and the infrastructure planning efforts.

Barcelona is proud of sponsoring the organization of the 2011 International Conference as a testimony of its continued commitment to that of Costa Brava when it hosted the first IWA Specialist Conference on Water Reclamation and Reuse in Castell Platja d’Aro (Costa Brava) in 1991. This second Conference will offer a great opportunity to assess all that could be and has been accomplished since then.

The Conference will be chaired by Prof. Rafael Mujeriego and Mr. Lluís Sala as Vice Chair. Prof. Rafael Mujeriego and Mr. Lluís Sala have been involved in the IWA Specialist Group on Water Reuse for many years, and have an internationally recognized experience in water reclamation and reuse practice.

Proposed Themes:

The themes of the conference will be based:

  • Science in Water reclamation and reuse
  • Reclaimed Water in urban areas
  • Reclaimed Water in the industry
  • Reclaimed Water in agriculture
  • Reclaimed Water in the environment

Within these fields, the transversal topics are:

  • Health protection
  • Regulations and technology validation
  • Public perception and acceptance
  • Science and research for sustainability

Contact: Conference Secretariat
E-mail: info@waterbcn2011.org